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Egyptsack is continually committed to achieve the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct for its staff and also to improve the working environment and culture through:

  • Health and Safety: Egyptsack is committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees in accordance with International Health and Safety regulations.
  • Discrimination: Egyptsack is not engage in, or support discrimination in hiring, compensating, accessing training, promotions or terminations of employment based on race, national origin, religion, disability, gender or sex.
  • Freedom of Association: Egyptsack accepts the rights of all employees to belong, or not to belong, to a recognised Trade Union of the employee’s choice.
  • Working Hours: Egyptsack is complying with the applicable laws and industry standards on working hours.
  • Internal Association: Egyptsack established an internal association, its members are selected by internal elections, that association’s main objective is to resolve any employee grievance/problems as quickly as possible.
  • Generation caring: As the company believes in the importance of caring about employees and workers’ kids, Egyptsack organizes from time to time entertaining festival aims to increase children's awareness viagra pas cher about the environment and the arts.